Moving Out for the First Time, here is how I SURVIVED!

PositivelyBri is POSITIVELY OUTEY!

The time has FINALLY come for me to move out of my parents house/childhood home and move into to my new fancy shmancy private school, University of the Pacific. Since I started at a community college this move seems long overdue! I am obviously excited to start this new chapter in my life, but as I go through my room and try to organize my new impending life, I am becoming pretty overwhelmed.

Over the past month or so I have been going through everything and came up with a plan of what to do when “Moving Out for the First Time”. Divide your room into projects (smaller sections) and when going through each of these sections make sure to have these ready to be filled:

  1. Recycle/Garbage bag: for the random papers, wrappers, and other useless trash you will find along the way. Trust me when I say you might need more than one, it all adds up fast.
  2. Give away bag/box: for old clothes, toys, and other items you have no use for anymore. Keep of coarse some things from your childhood to be stored elsewhere, but don’t be too stingy with giving things away or you will be sorry.
  3. Storage box(es): for those items you want to keep for sentimental reasons or for when you get a house of your own to put them in. (baby/childhood items, knick knacks, decorations you want,but won’t fit in a dorm room) If your parents are like mine they too want these childhood memories to be saved, so they will likely store these items for you. Just be courteous enough to at least box them up to be stored in the attic, shed, etc.
  4. Moving box(es): for the items you will actually be bringing to college with you. See my packing list for what to bring: coming soon.
  5. Sell box(es): for those items worth too much just to donate (old laptops, textbooks, jewelry, prom dresses, etc.) WARNING: Only do this if you or someone you know can successfully sell these items, otherwise I recommend donating them to family member or friends you could truly benefit from them!

Where to start?

Pick a part of your room that has the most clutter and start there, for me this was my walk-in closet. Make sure to have the bag/boxes above ready to be filled once you begin. Just go through the clutter and divide it amounts the boxes until each area is clean.

How do I know what to keep?

One of the most famous rules of thumb when cleaning out is, “If you haven’t worn/used it in a year, you probably won’t this year or the next, so it’s best to get rid of it”.

What do I do with the boxes once I am done?

  • The recycle/garbage bags and give away things are pretty self explanatory, I know you guys are smart incoming college students who can figure this part out.:)
  • As for the storage boxes, this will depend on what your parents are doing with your room when you leave. If you are lucky like me, my parents, as far as I know, are keeping my room for me as is so I will always have a place here that is still mine to call home; then you will probably be able to keep some items in your drawers or these boxes in your closet. If there are too many storage boxes to nicely fit in your room, ask your parents where they would like them to be kept (attic, shed, storage room, etc.).
  • Moving boxes you can probably get away with keeping in your room until move-in day. IMPORTANT: make sure not to pack all clothes and toiletries until ONLY a couple days before move-in day because you will need them and trying to live out of boxes is just madness!
  • Sell boxes can probably also stay in your room until you are able to have a garage sale, sell them online, or end up giving them away. You are going to get this done at least a week before move-in day if not sooner. I recommend trying to sell them as soon as your room clean out is accomplished.

This plan is the most organized and productive one I could come up with when it came down to tackling a move out room clean out. I hope it is as useful to you as it was for me!


  • Do your room SMALL sections at a time, even if this just means starting with a drawer. Trying to do too much at once will be too overwhelming and lengthen the process.
  • Do NOT! Do NOT! Do NOT keep thing you have not worn/used in a year because you will NOT use them. I know because I have tried to hold on to stuff to, but it is truly not worth it! EXCEPTION: costumes, especially in college there is always use for costume items. Just make sure to have a storage plan for them.
  • When throwing away any electrical items make sure to recycle them. If you are unsure what needs to be recycled check your local recycling website. In California it’s CalRecycle.

~~~What to bring to college and how to organize your things for college will be COMING SOON!~~~


p.s. If you can name the movie of the featured image extra brownie points . . . and I love you!

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