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My Origins:

I grew up in Brentwood, CA, the small used to be farming town one in the East Bay,  not to be confused with the ritzy SoCal one. Although my dream is to own lots of land with plenty of animals, especially horses, that was not based on the type of house I was raised in. Most of Brentwood now is made up of suburbs (where I lived), shopping, and the usual Starbucks on almost every corner. Though I must confess that I am a Starbucks junky, enthusiast, or connoisseur; this does not change my dream of living in nature’s backyard.

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My Family:

My parents have been divorced since I was 2yrs old. My mother was the only one to remarry and have a second child (my now hormonal teen brother). My dad decided, after trying the dating thing at first, to make me his center of attention. NO! I promise you this didn’t turn me into a spoiled brat. They were, at least from my perspective, co-parenting pros! They made sure to work together and be there to support me in EVERYTHING! I thank the Lord everyday that they had that divorce because I believe it helped create the person I am proud to be today. I love them both so much for that hard choice they made for me back then.

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My Love Life:

After my first joke of a boyfriend/relationship Junior year of High School, I was lucky enough to meet the love of my life only a couple of months later. He was a year older, football player, wrestler, handsome, a little shy, and the kindest soul I had ever met. I knew the moment I met him that the rest of my life was about to change for good. Although love at first sight is so cliché and controversial, I have to be honest, I don’t know how else to describe our connection. He has been my best friend and lifelong companion ever since. Now 20 and 21 we are about to both move out of our parents house and live on our own (separately) for the first time. These next couple of years will determine how the rest of ours will go as we  grow as individuals exploring our own passions.

First Date: 1/21/13

image1 New Year: 1/1/16 IMG_2662 (2)

My Education/Career:

I took Anatomy/Physiology, Sports Med, and Advanced Sports Med in High School and absolutely fell in love with the career of Physical Therapy. Since High School I have gotten an AAT in Kinesiology at my local junior college and I am now working on my BS in Health and Exercise Science at University of the Pacific and hopefully transfer to their Doctorate school for Physical Therapy after that. This totals out to 6yrs of college thanks to UOP’s Doctorate program only being 2yrs instead of 3, YES! It is a long road, but it is my dream and I am blessed to have the opportunity to fulfill it!

I have also worked for The Little Gym of Brentwood for over 2yrs and here is where I discovered my immense amount of patience with children, especially those with special needs. I taught gymnastics and was also promoted to Curriculum Manager over the years, which was basically putting together all we would teach the kids and how we would go about doing so. Although I absolutely loved this job, the commute from UOP would be too much along with all the extracurricular activities I plan to do at the University. I am happy to say that this job has opened my eyes to a possibility in specializing as a Physical Therapist for special needs children and adults. I know my patience and love for children would be best utilized in that specialization.

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My Blogger Mission:

I have a quite hectic life as most college students do, so I hope to share that with you along with offering some advice along the way. Sometimes my post may be sad, depressing, or even an outright rant, but other times they will be uplifting, helpful, hilarious, and positive. Like any girl I have many sides and opinions I hope you can relate to. I am just a human being in the end who tries to always have the most positive outlook on the world and everyone in it, although sometimes there may be small exceptions. I know how hard some situations can be in life, so I hope through sharing my experience and advice I can help others. Maybe even get some awesome discussions and powerful connections along the way!